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PALS Members are dedicated to addressing the gap in services available to families dealing with the administrative and logistical challenges of settling an estate. They bring a range of expertise from various backgrounds, including legal, financial, deathcare and funeral sectors, all united by the common goal of easing the burden on families during their time of loss.

They subscribe to the PALS Code of Ethics and they identify with our core values:

  • Community over competition
  • Keep your word
  • Advocate for families after a loss
  • Solve problems aggressively
  • Never stop learning

The world needs more after loss professionals!

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Who can become a PALS Member?

PALS Members can be practicing after loss professionals, graduates of the PALS Training Program, or people in the early stages of exploring whether they’d like to become after loss professionals.

PALS membership is ideal for individuals at different stages of their professional journey – from experienced after loss professionals seeking to enhance their skills, to newcomers curious about the field and seeking guidance on whether this path is right for them. By joining PALS, members not only contribute to a vital service area but also engage in a journey of professional growth and personal fulfillment.

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For businesses offering products and services related to after loss services, check out our PALS Partners program!

What's included in an annual PALS Membership?

  • Course Discounts: PALS Members get access to discounts on our signature course, the PALS Training Program, and other continuing education (save up to $500 a year!)
  • Foundational Knowledge: Access our mini-course, "What It's Like to Be an Executor" (a $79 value)
  • Exclusive Invitations: PALS educational webinars, supportive forums, and other events throughout the year just for members
  • Resources: Revisit past webinars, explore member-only offers, and get practical content for your practice
  • Online Community: Access message boards on your computer or mobile device to ask and answer questions, share wins, and grow your network
  • Connection: Join a community committed to making a difference for families after loss, sharing your passion and purpose

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