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PALS Members

PALS Members currently provide after loss services. Joining as a member gives you access to a community of professionals working to solve problems families face after the death of a loved one.


Who are PALS Members?

PALS Members are currently helping clients manage administrative tasks with one-on-one customized support and logistical services after the loss of a loved one.

Graduates of the PALS Training Program™ are eligible to be members, as well as practicing after loss professionals who meet certain criteria.

What Is an After Loss Pro?

What's included in an annual PALS Membership?

  • Connection - you'll find your people in the first and only community for after loss professionals
  • Continuing Education - informational sessions specifically curated for after loss professionals
  • Networking - exchange ideas and information that strengthens your after loss services
  • Promotion and Referrals - opportunities to be featured in the PALS newsletter, online directory and with PALS Partners
  • Support - one of our core values is community over competition. We genuinely want each other to succeed, and this community is quick to offer encouragement and cheer each other on when things get tough
  • Resources - ask and answer questions, access member-only offers, and get relevant content you can use in your own marketing
  • Credibility and Trust - all PALS Members undergo a background check, which helps establish trust with clients and your network
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