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For businesses that sell products and services related to after loss services, becoming a PALS Partner shows that you care about the entirety of your client's experience after losing a loved one.

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Artifcts is where 'stuff' and stories meet. With any combination of photos, video, or audio related to a personal object or photo, you can capture the meaning behind the objects you collect and accumulate in life and give your family a roadmap for what happens to them next. 

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Jet Surety

Jet is the only probate surety company that works directly with fiduciaries, cutting out the middleman to help our customers save time and money on probate bonds. We study probate law nationwide to ensure each customer's case is handled with accuracy and speed.

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Nicole Roberts

Farmington, Utah

Nicole Roberts, CFP® is a financial planner for widows. She specializes in helping clients unwind a business left by a spouse. She helps widows define their goals and then helps them implement their plan through investing and other savings vehicles.

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The NokBox

The Nokbox is a complete system that helps you organize all of your accounts, possessions, social media presence, communities, kids, pets, personal history, and estate plans (even if you don't have estate plans yet!).

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My Data Diary+

The My Data Diary+® family information management software is designed to capture, store, and share all of the personal, household, password, health, financial, legal, and legacy information and documents that you need to manage the business of life.

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Trustate is an interactive, end-to-end estate administration platform that helps the trusted professional advisors of executors quickly and efficiently settle the estate of their client's deceased loved one using back-end technology and automation.

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Trustworthy is The Family Operating System®. The secure and private AI-powered vault that helps modern families and their advisors protect everything that matters — IDs, Finances, Property, Passwords, Insurance, Taxes, Legal, Business, Emergency Planning, Contacts, and more. With Trustworthy, families are completely prepared for life's moments, now and across generations.

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The organizations featured in this directory sell products and services related to after loss services. They've chosen to become a PALS Partner because they care about the entirety of their client's experience after losing a loved one and value the services after loss professionals provide.

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