The first and only community for after loss professionals. 

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What is an after loss professional?

After loss professionals help clients who have experienced a loss manage administrative tasks with one-on-one customized support and logistical services.

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Founded in 2021, the goal of PALS is to:

Provide Exceptional Education

Through the PALS Training Program™ and continued education.

Enhance Business Connections

Through PALS Partners and PALS Members.

Advance Industry Standards

By establishing service standards and ethical best practices.

Increase Public Awareness

We're committed to helping families during life’s most vulnerable times.

Ways to join us

PALS’ mission is to be the leading source for after loss professionals by providing exceptional education, enhancing business connections, advancing industry standards, and increasing public awareness.

You can join us by enrolling in our signature PALS Training Program™, becoming a member or collaborating with us as a business partner.

The PALS Training Program™ is an innovative 6-week online course for those who want to acquire the knowledge, best practices and skill required to become an after loss professional. 


PALS Members include those who are engaged in the profession of after loss services as well as individuals on their way to providing after loss services. A background check is required.


For businesses that manufacture, sell, and/or distribute after loss associated products and related services, becoming a PALS Partner will allow you to gain visibility and make connections.


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