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Interested in furthering your knowledge about what it takes to provide practical support around the loss of a loved one? Check out our current offerings. 


PALS Training Program‚ĄĘ

The PALS Training Program‚ĄĘ is an innovative 6-module online course for individuals who want to acquire the knowledge, best practices and skill required to become an after loss professional.

The after loss profession is a new and exciting career market that requires clarity, vision, and the ability to execute consistently on the right strategies. Without a roadmap or guidance, the process can be overwhelming.

In this course, you will receive the training and learn the standards required to become an after loss professional, fast-tracking your best practices knowledge and saving you years of expensive and inefficient trial and error while learning from industry leaders.



What It's Like to Be an Executor

Curious to learn more about what it's really like to handle the decisions, administrative tasks, and logistics after the death of a loved one?

Dive into two case studies (an adult child and a widow) to find out about immediate responsibilities, what to expect down the line, and when different professionals get involved.

  • Better understand the challenges in the market
  • Precursor to the PALS Training Program
  • Includes a downloadable checklist of tasks after a loss
  • This course is FREE for members!¬†
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Estate Organization

Help clients get their information and documents in order before they pass away by adding a service line to your business.

Use your knowledge of what can go wrong after a death to help clients avoid those mistakes!

  • Get the tools you need to start offering Estate Organization right away
  • Add a line of revenue to your business and real value for your clients
  • Includes a downloadable¬†intake questionnaire¬†to help you hit the ground running
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