PALS Leadership Team

Rachel Donnelly

Rachel's personal experienced with loss left her overwhelmed by the many logistics that accompany estate settlement and administration. She founded Black Dress Consultants to help individuals and families stop wondering what they're supposed to be doing and get back to the things that matter.

Atlanta, Georgia

Jasmine Hathaway

Jasmine is the founder of Compass Coordinators. In 2021, she won first prize in the national "Daring to Disrupt" contest for female entrepreneurs held by Ally Financial and Katie Couric Media. The idea for starting Compass Coordinators came after her own experience with loss, when her husband Allan died of cancer in 2015.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Mollie Lacher

Mollie is a Tennessee native with a master's degree in Leadership and Organizational Performance from Vanderbilt University. After the unexpected passing of her brother-in-law in 2017, Mollie left her project management career at Bridgestone to start Sunny Care Services and help other families like hers navigate all of the to-do's after losing a loved one.

Nashville, Tennessee

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