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3 Things to Know Before Becoming an
After Loss Professional

After loss professionals come alongside families who have lost a loved one and help them navigate the baffling and overwhelming world of decisions to make, paperwork to fill out, and appointments to schedule…all while they’re grieving. They create a customized plan for each client and serve as part estate project manager, part extra set of helping hands, and part empathetic detective, just to name a few of their many roles.

It can sound like fulfilling and important work, and it is! There are just a few things you should know before diving in.

1. Problem-solving should be a part of your DNA

If you love nothing more than digging into a challenge and figuring things out on your own, good news! That’s a HUGE part of being an after loss professional. It takes someone who is lit up by solving problems and isn’t dissuaded by being told “no” to be effective in this role.

Because no two people are the same, no two estates are the same. While there are some things that can be supported and systematized to be more efficient with your client engagements, there are almost always new issues and challenges that pop up. If you thrive in this kind of environment, being an after loss professional could be a great fit.

2. You've got to be healthy to show up for others during tough times

Many people who are drawn to the work of an after loss professional have experienced a loss themselves. They get a crash course in just how much work falls to families while they’re grieving, and they want to make a difference for others.

However, if you’re still dealing with your own trauma, it’s going to be really difficult to show up for others in this kind of role. Not only is there the possibility of being surrounded by triggers and events that remind you of the loss you experienced, it’s natural to be asked about what drove you to this work.

If you find yourself struggling to talk about your own experience or having trouble separating yourself from what your client is going through, it might just be too soon to dive into the work of supporting others after a loss.

3. Get ready to explain what you do...A LOT

After loss services is still new to many people, so a big part of your responsibility is educating others about what you do and the difference it makes for your clients.

Even if you aren’t a marketing expert, you’ll need to draw on your creativity to find ways to connect with different audiences. You never know where your next clients may come from! The messages that resonate with attorneys and other referral partners may be completely different than the tone and content of the messaging for potential clients.

If you’re looking for fulfilling and challenging work that really makes a difference in people’s lives, after loss services is a great path. Want to see if your strengths really line up with being an after loss professional? Take the quiz and find out!

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